Har Ki Pauri Ghat Haridwar History, Aarti timing and Thing to do

Har Ki Pauri Ghat

Har Ki Pauri Ghat or Hari ki Podi is a famous spiritual place located in Haridwar district of Uttarakhand. It is also known as the Brahmakund. This is the place from where the river Ganga enters the plains. It is situated on the west bank of river Ganga, from where the river turns towards north direction. Surrounded by various temples around, Har Ki Pauri Ghat strengthens the religious belief of devotees.

At the time of sunset every evening, Ganga Aarti is organized in this place. During the Kumbh Mela which is the biggest festival of Hindu religion, lakhs of devotees gather in Har Ki Pauri Ghat to take a dip in Holy Ganga river. It is the first wish of every devotee to take a bath here because one dip in Haridwar takes away all the sins of a person.

Har Ki Pauri Ghat History

This sacred Ghat was built by King Vikramaditya in the memory of his brother Bharat Hari in the first century. It is believed that Bharat Hari had come to Haridwar and he had done penance on the bank of Ganga. When he dies, his brother constructed these stairs in his memory.

According to Hindu religious beliefs, during the Samudra Manthan (Sea Churning), when Indra’s son was taking Amrit Kalash (Nectar vase) away from the dispute of Dev-Demons, then some of the drops from the Nectar vase fell on earth. The places where the nectar drops have fallen, today they all have become religious places.

One of the many myths related to this place is that during Vedic times Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva appeared in this place. Other myths say that Brahma had made a Yagya Kund at this place. At evening time, Aarti is held at this place which is a divine experience for every human being. People all over the world are present in this Aarti during their Haridwar yatra.

Things to do in Har Ki Podi

Har ki Pauri Aarti time

Ganga Aarti is the major attraction of Har Ki Pauri Haridwar. Every morning and every evening Ganga Aarti is held in Har Ki Pauri Ghat. In this aarti, thousands of Devotees come to worship Ganga. The morning timing of Ganga Aarti is 5:30 am to 6:30 am. The evening time of Har Ki Pauri Ganga Aarti is 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Ganga Snan (Ganga Bath)

People from all over India come to Haridwar to take a dip in the Ganges in Pauri. Dipping here with true spirit leads to the elimination of all the sins of a human. Those traveling to Haridwar should first take a dip in Ganga in Har Ki Pauri Ghat.

Pind Daan (a Hindu Ritual)

People come here to do Pinddaan on. Even after having hundreds of rivers in India, Shraddh is done in the Ganges. The reason for this is that by doing Shraddh here, the Ganga and the Sun become its witnesses.


Many local people also do their children Mundan in Hari Ki Pauri Ghat. In the 90’s, people of Uttarakhand used to have Mundan in their homes but now they come to Haridwar for Mundan.


The cold breeze of the Ganga and the melodious voice of water stream give you a peaceful feeling and help you in meditation. The sound of ringing bells in the temple gives peace to your mind which makes this place ideal for Meditation.

How to reach Har Ki Pauri Ghat

The nearest airport is Jollygrant airport (35 km far). Daily flights are available from Mumbai and New Delhi to Jollygrant airport. The Nearest railway station from Hari Ki Pauri Ghat is Haridwar railway station which is 3 km away from Har Ki Pauri. Daily trains are to Haridwar from major cities like New Delhi, Amritsar, Ghaziabad, Dehradun, Rishikesh etc.

After reaching Railway station the devotees can take a shared auto which drops you to Har Ki Pauri. From Jolly grant airport, the visitors can hire a cab to reach Har Ki Pauri Ghat.