Hindu genealogy registers at Haridwar

Haridwar Genealogy Registers

Haridwar is an important pilgrimage place for Hindu religion. This is called the door to meet God. Its ancient name was Mayapuri. Since ancient times devotees have been traveling to this place and come here for Antim Sanskar of their loved one. During these visits, the Brahmins of Haridwar started writing the names and other information related to the devotees in the Bahi. In today’s time, any Hindu can get information about its ancestors through the Haridwar genealogy registers.

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What is Bahi?

The Bahi is a register in which information about family genealogy is available. The Brahmins who take care of these Bahis are known as Pandas. Information about 20-30 or more generations of the family is available in these Bahis. The Bahi is also a statutory document which are also accepted by Indian judiciary as evidence. In addition to paper, brochures, copperplates, cloth Bahis are also available. The book is kept safe in India and the United States in the form of microfilm.

How Haridwar Genealogy registers works?

The name of the village of the traveler is first asked. After that, his caste and gotra (Race) are asked. These records are based on caste and race. Based on this information, the travelers get to know the names of their ancestors. There is no charge to see the record here. Travelers can donate according to their wishes.

To handle the genealogy of crores of people, there are only 2500 pandas in Haridwar. Every panda has a record of approximately 300-400 years old. Only the names of men were written in earlier genealogies but now women’s names are also written. When pilgrims go Haridwar to get information about their ancestors, they also update the information of their new generation.

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