Mythological story behind kankhal, Haridwar, Uttarakhand
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Mythological story behind kankhal, Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Story behind Kankhal Haridwar

Kankhal Haridwar is an ancient place. This place was once the capital of Creator (Prajapati) Daksh. Prajapati Daksh was then the ruler of the Universe and on his orders, other Prajapati used to rule. Prajapati was so brave that at that time nothing was possible without his wish.

Because of his arrogance, One day he insulted Lord Shiva. This incident happened in the valley of Prayag where a huge Yagya was organized by the sages. Lord Shiva departed from there with a calm spirit.

After that Prajapati Daksh organized a huge Yagya in his capital Kankhal. In that Yagya all the important people Sage-Muni, Deity, Prajapati were invited, but Prajapati Daksh did not invite Mahadev Shankar (Lord Shiva). Shiva is not only the God of gods, but he was also the son-in-law of Prajapati Daksh. When Prajapati’s daughter came to know that her father did not send the invitation to her Husband, Sati got into her father’s Yagya in anger. She could not see her husband’s insult and she committed suicide (Aatmdaah).

Mahadev came in anger and sent his valorous Gan Virbhadra to destroy Prajapati Daksh.

Today that incidence has passed many eras, but there are still some places in Kankhal, which remind us of that incident. Like the Yagya Kund in which Mother Sati committed suicide. By praying on the forehead in front of this Yagya Kund, the blessings of Shiva and Sati are received.

A temple dedicated to Prajapati is also here called Daksheshwar Temple. This temple is here because Prajapati Dakha was a great person. An ancient tree is also located near this temple.

It was named Kankhal because bathing here brings liberation from one sin.

How to reach Kankhal Haridwar

Kankhal is situated at a distance of 5 km from Haridwar. It is also connected to NH58, so one can easily reach here by bus or taxi or by auto.

This place is 4.8 Km far from Har KI Pauri. Haridwar railway station is 2.9 Km far from this place. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport which is 41 Km far from this place.

Best time to visit in Kankhal Haridwar

All season but, Nov-March months are considered to be great for visiting here.

Nageshwar Mahadev Temple, Kankhal Haridwar:

Kankhal is well-known for the ancient Nageshwar Mahadev Temple which is located on the southern face of Kankhal. This temple was constructed by Rani Dhankaur in 1810 AD.

Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple, Kankhal:

According to mythology, it is believed that Mata Sati had made a sacrifice at this place. When Prajapati did not invite Shiva in the Yagya ceremony, Sati got dishonored and burned herself in the Yagya Kund. A Ghat is also located near this temple.

Anandamayi Maa Ashram, Kankhal:

This ashram used to be the residence of Hindu saint Shri Anandamayi (1896-1982). A museum dedicated to him has been built here.

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