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DistrictPauri Garhwal
Duration1 Hour

Nagdev Mandir Pauri

Nagdev Mandir Pauri is located in Pauri town of Pauri district of Uttarakhand. This temple is surrounded by dense pines and Rhododendron trees. It is one of the most peaceful places in Pauri town.

This temple is dedicated to Nag Devta. This peaceful locality is ideal for mediators. It is one of the local’s favorite places, in summer the temperature here is mind-grabbing. There will hardly be such places where the summer season would be like this.

On the way to Nagadev Mandir, Chowkhamba View Point and Kandoliya Temple are also located. You can also visit these two places while going to this temple. These places are located almost nearby. If you are tired during your journey this place will remove all your tiredness and will load a new energy in your body. 

Although this place is not so attractive, the natural beauty of this place makes it attractive. Apart from the tunes of the birds and the sound of the cold breeze, there is no hearing on this place. A peace-loving place away from the city’s crowd.

The story of Nagdev Mandir Pauri

According to locals, Nag Devta is considered to be the god of Dobhal dynasty. Dobh (Dobh-Shrikot) is a village on Pauri-Srinagar road, in which people of Dobhal caste live. It is said that about a hundred years ago a child was born in this village. The upper part of this child’s body was human and the lower part was of a snake.

One day the boy tells his father to establish him in the Bhairavgarhi temple of Lansdown area. The child also said that to take him in a Kandi and not take it in any place while carrying it. People from Dobha village took the child in the Kandi and headed towards the Bhairavgarhi temple.

On the way, people accidentally put that Kandi in the ground. After that, the boy refused to pick up the Kandi and asked his village people to dig at that place. A soft water stream was excavated at that place. According to the order of the child, the villagers took a bath in that water stream and worshiped the child and installed him at that place.

Since then this place has become known as Nag Devta. The natural water source, which is rooted in excavation, is still located near the temple.

How to reach Nagdev Mandir Pauri

How to Reach Nagdev Mandir Pauri by air

The nearest airport from Nagdev Temple is Jolly Grant airport Dehradun, which is located 130 km away. Taxies are easily available from Jollygrant Airport Dehradun or traveler can travel by public transport from Rispana Taxi stand Dehradun.

How to Reach Nagdev Mandir Pauri by train

Kotdwara Railway Station is the nearest railway station from Nagdev Temple, which is located 107 km away. From Kotdwara traveler can easily reach Pauri by hiring a taxi or by bus.

How to Reach Nagdev Mandir Pauri by road

Direct buses are available from Kashmiri gate, Delhi to Pauri. Nagdev Mandir Pauri is located 5 kilometers from Pauri bus station. If you have your own vehicle then you can go to the temple by personal vehicle. To reach the temple complex, travelers have to trek 500-meter distance which is not a big deal.

If you do not have your own vehicle then you can reach this place by booking a taxi from the Pauri bus station. If you are fond of trekking, then you can also reach this place by trek and the trek distance is 3 km from Pauri bus station. 

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