Neeleshwar Mahadev Temple Haridwar

Neeleshwar Mahadev Temple Haridwar is located in Nil Parvat of Uttarakhand state of India. Standing along with its mythological dignity between the unique shade of nature, this temple offers great happiness of Divinity with splendor. The place where the temple is situated offer peace to mind and body. A self-made Shivalinga is located in this temple.

Neel Mountain series provides scenic views from behind the temple. from the backside of this temple, the devotees can also see the Chandi Devi Temple located on the top of Nil Parvat. Before starting your journey to Neeleshwar Mahadev Temple first take bath in Har Ki Pauri Ghat.

There is a Kalash above this temple which is surrounded by serpents from all around. Shravan Months is very dear to Lord Shiva. There is a huge crowd of Shiva devotees here this month. There is also a clean cowshed in this temple premises with 40 cows. All these cows are cared for by the temple staff.

Neeleshwar Mahadev Temple Haridwar History

It is believed that during sea churning, Lord Shiva drank poison at this place. Shiva’s body became blue with the influence of poison by which this place has been named Neeleshwar. The mountain on which Lord Shiva drank poison is known as Nil Parvat. It is said that in order to reduce the effect of poison, Lord Shiva came down from the Nil Parvat and take bath in the Ganga. And from that time the color of the stream of Ganga flowing beneath the Nile Mountains became blue.

Regarding the construction of this temple, it is said that the king of Jammu, Suchet Singh built a small temple here in the 16th century. Gradually this temple was built with the help of devotees and priests.

How to reach Neeleshwar Mahadev Temple Haridwar

The temple is located 4.5 km away from Har Ki Pauri Ghat. Haridwar railway station is 4 km away from the temple. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport which is 40 km away. From the airport, taxi stands the visit can hire a cab and from Har Ki Pauri and Haridwar Railway station the visitors can take an auto.