Places to see in Dehradun

Dehradun is located in the Doon valley between the middle Himalaya and the outer Himalayas. It is the capital of Uttarakhand state of India. Dehradun is located at an elevation of 410m from sea level. Its latitude is 29° 58’N and 31° 2’N and longitude is 77° 34’E and 78° 18’E. There are many beautiful places to see in Dehradun for tourist and couples.

Dehradun has a glorious and mythological history. This city is famous for its natural beauty and also known for many educational institutions and famous places like Mussoorie. It is one of the gorgeous cities of India. Dehradun is made up of 2 words – “Dehra” means “Camp” and “Doon” means “valley”.

It is a part of the Garhwal region, therefore here it has a great influence of Garhwali on the tradition and culture. Hindi is the primary language spoken in Dehradun region after that Garhwali is spoken.

General Information about Dehradun

Height from sea level – 610m

Division – Garhwal

Pin Code – 248001

Vehicle Registration – UK 07

Dehradun Weather Monthy Data


Max Temp °CMin Temp °C

Monthly Rain


2073 Days


2396 Days



5 Days



3 Days


36214 Days

14 Days


22 Days


302322 Days


302115 Days



3 Days


2 Days



1 Days

Mythology of  Dehradun

In 1699 AD, the son of Guru Har Rai Ji, Shri Guru Ram Rai, came here with his followers and they camped here. Ashram of Acharya Dronacharya, the great teacher of the Pandavas and Kauravas was also here. The Mahabharata period name of the place Kalsi of Dehradun was Sodhnagar, which was also described by Chinese traveler Huen Tsang. Ancient columns of Ashoka have also been found from the Kalsi area of Dehradun.

History of Dehradun

India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru loved Dehra dun very much. In the last few days of his life, he visited Dehradun in 1964. After independence, Dehradun and Garhwal and other parts of Kumaon were merged in the United Provinces.

In 1817, it was merged in the Meerut Division as a district and since 1975 it has been in the Garhwal division. It is also known as “Dronnagari”.

Things to do in Dehradun

Shopping in Dehradun: Paltan Market which is famous for the Sunday market. Cloths, shoes and many fashion things are sold in Paltan Bazaar at cheap rates.

Dehradun Food: Dehradun is famous for food. The momos of Dehhraydn, burger of Buffet and Maggie of Maggie point are some food guide of Dehradun food.

Places to see in Dehradun

Tapkeshwar Mahadev: Tapkeshwar Mahadev Mandir is one of the most famous temples devoted to Lord Shiva situated on the banks of Asan River. The main Shivaling is inside a natural cave. Water is constantly dripping on the Shivaling below the cave, which is why it is named “Tapakeshwar”.

Shiv Mandir: The Shiv Mandir is located in Uttarakhand’s Dehra dun-Mussoorie Road. This temple is dedicated to Hindu God Lord Shiva. This Mandir is also known as Sri Prakasheshwar Mahadev Mandir.

Fun Valley: The Fun Valley Water Park provides 21 the biggest, best, most joyful ride. Everyone is seen by highly skilled workers and lifesavers. Fun Valley and Mussoorie come under the must place to see in Dehradun.

Regional Science Center: This science Park includes dinosaur parks, scientific laws, and planetarium performance, while some of the science books like Fun Science Gallery, Himalaya Gallery, Frontier of Technology Gallery.

Laxman Siddha Mandir: Laxman Siddha Temple is situated near the place called Harrawala, just 12 km from Clocktower, Dehra Dun. It is counted among the most popular temples around Doon city. This temple is situated on the way to Haridwar-Rishikesh highway, which is very easy to reach here.

FRI: FRI is located in Uttarakhand’s capital Dehra Dun. It was founded in 1878 by Dietrich Brandis as the British Imperial Forest Research Institute-FRI. Films have been shot in the campus, including Krishna Cottage, Rehana Hai Tere Dil Mein, Pan Singh Tomar, Students of the Year.

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