List of State Symbols of Uttarakhand

In 2001 Uttarakhand government determined the Uttarakhand State symbols. The preservation of Uttarakhand state symbols is the duty of the State Government and its residents.

The state symbols of Uttarakhand

There is a series of three mountains in the state symbol. Meanwhile, Ashoka Pillar has been built and Satyamev Jayate has been written down and four waves of the Ganges are shown below it. Uttarakhand State symbols are placed on official websites and documents of Uttarakhand.

State Flower of Uttarakhand

The state flower of Uttarakhand is Brahmakkamal

The scientific name of Brahmkamal – Saussurea obvallata

It is also mentioned in Mahabharat as Saugandhit Pushp. This flower is offered to Lord Shiva. There are 24 species of Bharmakamal in Uttarakhand 410 species in all over the world.  It blooms from July to September. This flower rises in high mountains and inaccessible areas like Valley of Flowers. The height of this plant is 70-80 cm. It is known as “Kaulapadam” in the local language. It grows in the ground at an altitude of 3000-5000 meters.

State Tree of Uttarakhand

The state tree of Uttarakhand is Burans

The Scientific name of Burans – Rhododendron Arboreum.

The flowering time of this tree is from February-April. The flower of Burans is also used as medicine. Local people drink the juice of its flowers. Its juice helps keep the heart healthy.

State Bird of Uttarakhand

The state bird of Uttarakhand is Monal.

The Scientific name of Monal – Lophophorus Impejanus

In the local language, it is known as “Maniyal” and the favorite food of this bird is potatoes. These birds are seen in the Himalayan region at an elevation of 25oo-5000 meters like Deoria Tal. It is also called Himalayan peacock. It is also the state bird of Himachal Pradesh and Nepal. The color of the male is brown and blue and a peacock-like plume on the head and the color of the female is brown. The main food of Monal is the potato.

State animals of Uttarakhand

The state animal of Uttarakhand state is Musk deer or Kasturi Mrig or Himalayan Musk Deer.
The scientific name of Kasturi Mrig- Moschus Chrysogaster

The Kasturi fluid is found in the navel of the male Musk Deer. A Musk usually contains 30-35 gms of Kasturi. This Kasturi is used in making drugs. These Musk Deer are found at an elevation of 2000-5000 meters above sea level. The color Musk Deer is brown and it has black and yellow spots.

State Fruit of Uttrakhand

State fruit of Uttarakhand is Kafal

The Scientific name of Kafal is Myrica Esculenta

Kafal trees bark are used in skin disease.

State Butterfly of Uttarakhand

The Uttarakhand state butterfly was determined by Wildlife Board of Uttarakhand on 7th November 2016.

The state butterfly of Uttarakhand is Common Peacock. The scientific name of it is Papilio Cramer.

State Instrument of Uttarakhand


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