Dhokane waterfall

Dhokaney Waterfall (Dhokane Falls) in Almora, Uttarakhand

Standing on the foot of Dhokane Fall and surrounded by a calm environment is a memorable experience. Dhokane waterfall is located in Almora district of Uttarakhand state in India. Dhokane waterfall is a hidden treasure in Himalaya. This prestigious and magnificent waterfall is important and must visit place for all those who are planning t0 visit Almora. The Dhokane waterfall is popular among the local people of Almora, there is not enough crowd to see.

This place is surrounded by water, mountains, and singing birds. Photography and wildlife lover can shot fauns here in their camera. Nature lover can perform yoga and meditation here for a while. Dhokane waterfall is an only evergreen waterfall in Almora. The water comes down from a cliff into a pool, sending fine sprays of water which make the body fresh.

This waterfall is managed by the government employes. The entry charge of Dhokane waterfall is 100 rupees per person. Parking is also available there for 2 wheelers. There are also a washroom and a local small shop (sometimes not open) which serve Maggie, cold drink and omelet. 

How to reach Dhokane Waterfall Almora

The visitors can hire a cab to reach the fall. from the road, the visitors have to walk about 1 km to reach the waterfall. If you are in your own vehicle then you can use GPS to reach there or can take help of any local. Bikes and the small car can go up there to the fall point, but the road surface is rocky. The trek of this waterfall starts from the opposite side of the intermediate school.

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