Haridwar, Uttaraakhand, India

In India, from east to west and from north to south, there are thousands and lakhs of beautiful temple of different deities. The temples are the center of Hindu’s religious and spiritual faith. Haridwar is one of most famous pilgrimage center in the Uttarakhand state of India. 

Haridwar is an ancient and mythical pilgrimage site situated on the bank of the sacred Ganges (Ganga). It is also known as the religious capital of India. Hari-Dwar means the entrance way to God. This is a place where the mind gets the feeling of supernatural bliss. In the atmosphere of this place, there is a unique purity and divinity. From the morning to evening the devotees are camped on the Ghats here.

Haridwar is situated on the right side of the River Ganges between the Bilwa Parvat of Shivalik range and the Neel Mountain. It extends from 77.9° North latitude to 78.2° North latitude and 29.7° East longitude to 30.1° East longitude.

General Information

Elevation – 314 m

Division – Garhwal

Headquarters – Dehradun

Pin Code – 249401

Vehicle Registration – UK-08

In addition to religious importance, this place is also a center for teaching different types of art and culture. People from abroad come here to gain knowledge of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Indian, Uttarakhand culture etc. This place is also considered as a source of Ayurveda treatment and herbal remedies.

Story of Haridwar

Before the Ramayana period, there was an ashram of Kapil Muni here, that’s why it was also known as “Kapila” in ancient time. Kapil Muni had cursed 60,000 sons of sagar’s in this place.

Mayapur, Mayawati, Kupila, Shiva’s capital, the gate of the Gods are some ancient names of this place. According to Hindu religious beliefs, during the “Samudra Manthan”, when Indra’s son was taking Nectar vase (Amrit Kalash) away from the quarrel of Dev-Demons, then some of the drops from the Nectar vase (Amrit Kalash) fell on earth and today all the places became a religious place.

Bhartahari, elder brother of King Vikramaditya of Ujjain had done penance in this holy place. After his death, Vikramaditya had constructed Har Ki Pauri stairs in memory of his brother. Earlier it was known as Bharthari-ki-Pauri, Later it became known as ‘Har-Ki-Pauri’. Later, Akbar’s commander Maan Singh had repaired Har Ki Pauri stairs.

History of Haridwar

Haridwar was made a district on 28-12-1988, from 1988 till the formation of the Uttarakhand state, it came under Saharanpur Division. Chinese traveler Huen Tsang came to Haridwar in 634 A.D. and named it Mo-Yu-Lo and named Ganga as Mahabhadra. In 1399 A.D. Taimur Lang also came here too. it has been called “Maya” in the editorship of Akbar’s historian Abul Fazal’s “Aina Akhbari”. During the Gorkha regime, this place became the slave’s sales center. Gandhi Ji came here in 1915-16 and later in 1927 A.D.

Haridwar Weather

The temperature of Haridwar remains pleasant during winters while during summers the temperature becomes very hot.

Haridwar yearly weather chart


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Places to visit in Haridwar

Things to do in Haridwar

How to reach Haridwar City

By road: One can easily reach this place by road from Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Utter Pradesh, and other places of the country. Bus service is also available to this place from different parts of the country. One can also travel by his own vehicle to this place.

Air: Jolly Grant airport is 38 Km far from this place and serves as nearest airport to Haridwar. One can take flight from different available parts of the country. Taxi and cab are available outside the airport by which you can travel to Haridwar.

Railway: Haridwar is well connected by the railway line, it has its own Railway station. It is directly to some major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Dehradun, Varanasi etc