Rudradhari waterfall

Rudradhari Waterfall, Cave and Temple Near Kausani, Uttarakhand

One of the must visit place in Kausani, Rudradhari waterfall and group of caves and the temple is located 13 km away from Kausani in the Uttarakhand state of India. This natural waterfall is not too big but it is surrounded by nature and singing birds. In order to reach the waterfall, the visitors have to walk a 4 km (2 km upward and 2 km downward) distance from the road.

Things to do in Rudradhari Temple, caves, and waterfall

The visitors can dip on the pool formed by the waterfall, they can worship Lord Shiva in the Rudradhari Temple and shoot nature and wildlife in their camera. Apart from this, visitors can also enjoy the water spray of fall sitting beside the waterfall. This place is located very far from commercialization, which makes this place is best for yoga and meditation.

Best time to visit Rudradhari Waterfall and Temple

In each month and season, this place can be seen in different levels of attraction. During the monsoon, the flow of this spring is on top and the surrounding environment is decorated with green trees and plants. The water of this spring comes from the mountains (source water), so during the summers, the water of the spring is dried. But the trek of the Rudradhari temple is evergreen and the devotee can come here to worship God Shiva any month of the year.

Rudradhari Temple Trek

This is best for those who have never had trekking or any adventure activity in their life. This trek is relatively easy, its way is not very steep. While trek, beautiful views of the mountain and surrounding are found on the way. The trek of Rudradhari Waterfall starts from Kantali Village. If you are not familiar with the area then you can also hire a local guide to reach the waterfall. The guide also tells you about different things and stories about the area.

How to reach Rudradhari Waterfall

Rudradhari Waterfall is located in Uttar Pradesh’s Bageshwar district. A cave and temple are also located near this waterfall where a Shivalinga is located. This waterfall is located 10 km away from Kausani. Visitors will have to go from Kausani to Almora-Gopeshwar road, going a few kilometers ahead, turn to the road going to the left.

The nearest railway station from Rudradhari waterfall is Kathgodam railway station (140 km) and the nearest airport is Pantnagar airport (174 km). From the airport and railway station, the visitors can hire a cab. If you are in your own vehicle then you can use GPS to reach there.

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