4 Best Waterfalls in Nainital Uttarakhand | Nainital Waterfalls

Nainital is famous as a hill station and city of the lake located in the Uttarakhand state of India. Waterfall often look very beautiful and romantic in movies. There are a few waterfalls in Nainital which are very beautiful. If you want to take a break for a few more days in Nainital, then consider going to these fabulous waterfalls in Nainital district. Some of these waterfalls may be dried up during summer so plan your trip accordingly.

Below is the list of some waterfalls in Nainital

Corbett waterfall

The Corbett waterfall falls under the Jim Corbett National Park, which is located 38 km away from Nainital. This waterfall is located between a dense forest and offers very scenic views. During the safari of Corbett National Park, you can enjoy the safari in the morning and then visit this waterfall in the afternoon or evening.

In order to reach Corbett Waterfall, the visitors have to take a taxi or bus from Kaladhungi or Ramnagar and then have to cover a 1.5 km small trek. The entry charges for Corbett fall is Rs 50 for adult, Rs 25 for children and Rs 100 for four wheeler.

Bhalu Gaad Waterfall

Bhalu Gaad Waterfall is located 38 km away from Nainital. The height of this waterfall is 60 meters and the depth is 40 feet. ‘Bhalu’ means ‘Bear’ and ‘Gaad’ means ‘water stream’ in Kumaoni language. So during the Bhalu Gaad Waterfall Trek, travelers can also get an opportunity to see Himalayan bears. This place is best for adventurous peoples, it gives a different peace to body and mind which many famous tourists spot can’t give.

During the summers this waterfall become dried but the weather here is very pleasant. The best time to visit the Bear Gad Waterfall is in the monsoon. At this time the waterfalls are in its full flow and the scenes also appear clear and beautiful. Visitors can go to Bhalu Gaad Waterfall even during winter but due to being situated in the height, it is very cold there. So if you are solid enough to bear the cold then you can go there in winter.

Sariyatal waterfall

This waterfall is located 10 km away from Nainital. This is also a natural waterfall made by up of the lake situated above the waterfall. The waterfall is not too big but is the major attraction near Sariyatal. There is also a botanical garden located near the fall. 

Woodland waterfall

This waterfall is located 6 km away on the way to Nainital to Khurpatal. Many national and international tourist come to visit this waterfall. The entry fees for this waterfall is 20 per person.

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